Code of Conduct

It begins with me!

At The Volunteer Switchboard, preserving our strong culture is a top priority. We must continue to embrace the values of integrity, fairness and accountability in all that we do. Doing the right thing forms the foundation for how we serve our community, and our Code of Conduct represents our shared commitment to operate with the highest level of ethical conduct.

Every volunteer and organiser at The Volunteer Switchboard has a responsibility to follow the spirit of the Code and its related policies. We will not compromise on our integrity, nor will we tolerate unethical behavior. Be accountable for your actions, as ultimately, we rely on your personal integrity to protect and safeguard the interests of the communities that we serve.

Above all, never underestimate the importance of your own conduct. Our collective success starts with every one of us!


  1. PUNCTUALITY: We must be punctual for our volunteering service.
  2. PERSONAL INTEGRITY: We will uphold the highest standards of personal integrity during our volunteering services. During our volunteer service, we will not coerce/entice any of our beneficiaries into any agreement or transaction that would benefit our personal finance interest (directly or indirectly). Examples of these include BUT are not limited to direct/indirect selling of healthcare consumables, investment-related products: investment fund, insurance, real estate, etc.
  3. PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR BENEFICIARY: We will always act and behave in responsible manner to safeguard the interests and safety of ourselves and our beneficiaries.
  4. TREAT OTHERS WITH DIGNITY, AND RESPECT THE DIVERSITY OF CULTURES, BACKGROUNDS AND EXPERIENCES: We shall be sensitive to and always respect the privacy and cultural/religious background and experiences of the people whom we serve.
  5. CODE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: We shall uphold code of confidentiality with regards to any information related to any beneficiary or volunteer.