Our Framework


Identify social needs of various communities


Design bite-sized purposeful programmes


Connect good people with good

Through our volunteering experiences, we realised that we were not satisfied with just transactional activities – i,e . completion of task-based work without a deeper sense of achievement. Hence, we put a lot of thought into designing every volunteering event by injecting different synergistic elements so that our programmes would be purposefully promoting volunteer development as well as social development. With the above considerations in mind, we developed 3 different programmes targeting at different causes!

Let’s unlearn and relearn how to do purposeful volunteering together, and move away from pure transactional volunteering and towards transformative volunteering!

How Do We Select A Beneficiary?

Before we formally embark on a new working relationship with a beneficiary, our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure – a term commonly used during our banking days) was to perform KYC (Know Your Client) on the Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO). So the BAU (Business as Usual) would be:

  1. Perform some due diligence on the potential VWO via internet or through friend’s referral
  2. Initiate at least a phone call followed with a face-to-face meet up to better understand the needs of the organisation
  3. Digest overwhelming information and assess if there is a positive match of what we can offer and what is needed
  4. Organise a customised event with VWO to confirm POC (Proof Of Concept)
  5. Once POC is confirmed, our partnership begins!

Talk about applying what you learn in the bank across the different sectors – our bosses must be really proud of us! Some of you may ask – why do you go through all this trouble when introducing a new VWO for partnership? It is simply because we want to be accountable towards our sponsors and volunteers who have placed great faith in what we do!​

Our Signature Programmes


Enriching the lives of children and youth.

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Bringing packets of joy to the community.

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Creating smiles in the old folks home.

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