Li Woon


It all began when a geeky banking operations executive "gently" arm wrestled her banking friends to embark on a road less travelled - to connect good people to the good causes that she genuinely cares about! Fiercely protective of her family and friends, she brings the exact same traits to the people that she humbly serves. This self proclaimed introvert loves a good laugh with her friends when she finally crawls out of her comfortable bed. Armed with a genuine passion to do good, she hopes that she will be able to rally the people around her to pay it forward!



Mr. Scrooge, our bookkeeper who’s eyes never failed to light up at every mention of "income”. The grimmest person in the group when he grounds most of our utopian ideas with his reality checks…the necessary evil that has kept us running till today. This logical, systematic and efficient project manager sounds humourless until he starts spewing his very own Singlish terms at you. Enjoys hanging out with friends and playing mahjong (thinks strength in math is a huge advantage). Wishes to lead by example in practising the right values of being a volunteer himself.



The feisty disciplinary mistress who ensures that we arrive early for our events as a form of respect for every precious minute of our volunteers' time. Contrast her strictness towards us with the genuine warmth she exudes towards other like minded people, there is no one better suited for the Volunteer Manager role than this affable girl (as long as she gets her dose of kopi o kosong to start the day). This cheeky yet no-nonsense data analyst strongly believes in paying it forward and being of service to our local community.



The joker, or rather, the joke of the group who takes care of design, website, social media, photography and such. Bothers to shave her head (DIY) twice a month, but is usually too lazy to leave her house if not for work, volunteering, golf, or anything necessary. With the memory of a goldfish, this totally un-geeky sort of games programmer is always curious (probably due to the sheer amount of re-learning required) about how things work, including the universe. Believes that by influencing people to sow the seeds of positivity today, everybody can enjoy a better world tomorrow.



Our OCD guy whose attention to detail is perfectly suited for events planning. Acting as our part-time techie help desk, this mischievous process improvement analyst enjoys inciting peers to purchase the cool new gadgets that he himself fancies. Happily adopts Apple’s approach of making willing parties the guinea pigs of his experiments, particularly his spirited cocktail recipes (pun intended). While appreciative of his time spent with friends, he firmly believes it to be a privilege to help others. Digs the Starfish Story, where every step taken leads towards changing the world for the better.



We don’t call her “Auntie Valerie” for nothing. This IT sales woman of 15 years has become so sensitive to prices that she is now our biggest asset at sourcing for the best deals to stretch our dollar. To unwind from her workaholic self and altruistic duties, this ditzy auntie would glue her body to the couch at home and indulge in her favourite secret activity - watching anime (or simply Japanese cartoons in layman's terms). Loves meeting people from all walks of life and seeing a genuine smile on their faces, especially during the course of volunteering.