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[SUSPENDED] Silver Moments Tea Time (Thomson)
Saturday, April 18th 2020
12pm - 3pm (GMT+08:00) / 3 hours
39 Reviews
1 Thomson Ln, Singapore 297728
We’ll be spending some time with the residents at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (a Geriatric nursing home). It’s going to be a nice and relaxing session of sharing and bonding with the folks whilst they do some exercises and enjoy their meal. Your presence will definitely help liven up their days…so just get your ears ready for great stories, and your bodies ready for a great workout!

- assist in serving tea time and communicating with residents
- assist in physiotherapy exercises for the residents (you will be guided)
-assist in activities (if any) planned for the residents

12 PM to 1230 PM: Briefing for volunteers on instructions and food preparation
1230 PM to 200 PM: Tea Time and interaction with old folks (volunteers can go in pairs, so don’t worry if you are a first timer)
2 PM to 245 PM: Physio activities
245 PM to 3 PM: Debrief and wrap up

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