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Home Sweet Home
Sunday, December 12th 2021
9.30am - 1pm (GMT+08:00) / 3 hours 30 minutes
39 Reviews
Blk 10 Jln Kukoh, #04-55, Singapore 162010
We would require some additional information from everyone to make a difference for a safer event for all involved during the COVID-19 period. We seek your understanding and we are very grateful for your patience.

We love the idea of distributing goodie packs to less privileged families and elderly to tide through a month or so. But we @ The Volunteer Switchboard have decided to take this up a notch. So read on!
We believe in the notion that “everyone should make an effort to give back to society in whatever way possible, however small.” So to achieve that, we are partnering with the younger families for the packing and distribution of food to the elderly in their own neighbourhood! This will happen after we spend the morning interacting with the younger families at Jalan Kukoh. And by doing so, we hope that these families can get to know their elderly neighbours a little better from interactive activities including a goodie distribution exercise, and forge stronger bonds between them.

Please check your email for before the event (including your spam folder).
(i) A pre-event briefing recording and information deck will be sent 5 days before the event. There will be some pre-event matters that all volunteers need to be prepared for.
(ii) Your groupings and reporting time will be confirmed on the Saturday before the event.
(iii) Please read the Section (6) below before registering
Also, we would seek your patience to give us time to respond with the dynamic situation that we have to operate in! Thank you very very much!

- Watch the pre-event briefing (recording will be sent to you)
- Know and complete the things pre-event to-dos (information will be sent to you via email)
- Be punctual so that volunteers in the same group can start on time
- Engage and interact with the residents.
- Assist resident volunteers in packing and distribution of supplies.
- Introduce items to senior recipient families.
- Check with recipient families on supplies from the previous months.
- Be the eyes and ears for the community.
- Assist in activities (if any) planned for the residents.
- Most importantly: Do not be shy & HAVE FUN! Chat with the seniors!

9:30 AM to 12:15 PM (4 Reporting Times)
- Volunteer registration and take attendance in your respective group
- Briefing for volunteers on what to expect and instructions
- Packing of goodies
- Heading out to distribute goodies and chat with the seniors (topics of the month)

12:15 PM to 12:45 PM
- Debrief and wrap up

There will be staggered reporting time and designated reporting places. Volunteers will be designated a group/reporting time instead of the standard 9:30 AM reporting time. It will look something like this:

Group - Reporting Time
1 - 09:30 AM
2 - 10:00 AM
3 - 10:15 AM
4 - 10:30 AM

The reporting place will be on Level 4. Block 10 Jln Kukoh. Look out for signages for your desginated reporting space (different groups are assigned different void decks) and meet your group facilitators there!

(6) REGISTRATION DETAILS - Please READ before registering
Information you need to know and provide during registration:
As part of the national/government bodies requirements during the COVID-19 period, we would require the following details. Please kindly indicate in your registration comments section during the sign up.

[A] Your elgibility to participate
Please read this document (On Google Drive) before registering

[B] Volunteers Full Names:
Please indicate your NAME as per NRIC/Passport on your registration and for all of your volunteer buddies you are registering for in the comments section of the registration form.

E.g. if you have registered for 5 pax, you will need provide 5 names (as per the volunteer’s NRIC, no need for NRIC number) as every volunteer participating in the event needs to be accounted for.

[C] Children as Volunteers/Parental Consent form:
Please let us know if any of your buddies requires a copy of parental consent form to attend and we will send you a copy. Please return a completed and signed copy by a parent or guardian to VSB before the day of the event.

In view of COVID19 situation, VSB highly recommends children or people of vulnerable groups (e.g. seniors above 60 years old) to be staying at home as much as possible. Hence, parental consent is applicable to volunteers below the age of 18 years as of the date of event registration.

[D] Volunteers in the same household:
If any of your volunteer buddy stays in the same household, please let us know who they are.

We will appreciate your understanding that we are trying our best to group in the same household in the same team as a priority first and the size limits we can have in one group with some safety measures we can have in one group

- Events and registration are subject to changes or cancellation at any time prior to event.
- Should there be any changes about the event, registered and waitlist volunteers will be notified via email.
- Each volunteer registration allows a maximum of 5 people. We would highly encourage each individual to register for their account as the system would send an automated reminder to the registered email. If you are coming in a group bigger than 5, please have another friend to register. This will help to update the volunteer count and the community know which event needs more volunteers.
- Volunteers are highly encouraged to update your registration if there are changes to your attendance. So you can help waitlisted volunteers to fill your place to reach out to the seniors that were originally assigned to yourself.
- By registering for this event you agree, you are confirming that you agree to the safety measures in place and would be eligible to participate.